A core part of our mission at Stepwell is to equip more changemakers with the skills, tools, and mindsets required to create change.

We regularly conduct workshops with organizations and changemakers where we ring them behind the scenes to learn from our work and methodology.

Our workshops use demonstrate the principles of human-centered design through practice, typically within the context of a real-world design challenge that we've worked on. 

Participants in our workshops walk away having gained first-hand exposure to the fundamentals of ethnographic and participatory research methods, storytelling for change, rapid prototyping, and moral leadership.

Below are a few examples of our workshops.



MULTI-Day Bootcamp

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

In partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, we conducted a three-day Design Thinking for Social Innovation bootcamp. The bootcamp introduced some of the country's brightest engineering students to the mindsets behind human-centered design, and the methods for applying a design-based approach to solving challenges.

Over the course of the 3 days, students worked in teams to address a local challenge in their community. They gained practical experience conducting field research, synthesizing their findings, identifying opportunities for design, and iterating on early concepts with feedback from the field.

We were inspired by the students' creativity, their willingness to embrace ambiguity, and their enthusiasm to bring creative problem solving approaches to their everyday work. 



EduCARE India

We partnered with EduCARE India to create a design research training module to be included as part of their employee and volunteer onboarding program.

The 2 hour module offered a practical introduction to field research, supported by case studies from local context.

The workshop highlighted tools and methods for ethnographic and participatory research, and showcased the power of bringing human-centered design to everyday work at EduCARE.