Designers of Tomorrow

We’re a small community of designers from non-design backgrounds. We’re committed to designing solutions for a better tomorrow, and bringing new perspectives to the work of change.

We host workshops, keep each other accountable, and share lessons from our work. 



We’re grounded in the belief that each of us has the power to transform ourselves, our communities, and our world, without waiting for anyone’s permission.


In 2016, Anmol and Christopher took on a bold experiment: 2 strangers. 12 months. 7000 miles from home. 1 question: What if we stop waiting for permission and create our own education in design and social change? 

We quickly learned that we weren’t alone. There are so many incredible people, like you, taking the risks necessary to create change, and not letting traditional norms hold them back.

And so, Designers of Tomorrow was born, as a space for us to come together to share resources and new opportunities, keep each other accountable, and share lessons from our work.

Together, we’re challenging the way we solve big problems, and finding a new way forward, with more interdisciplinary thinking, more empathetic and creative approaches, and new ways of collaborating.

We’re not waiting for permission. Work with us to design a better tomorrow, for us all.

Join us

We would love to meet you. Send us an email at and tell us a bit about who you are. And we’ll send you an invite to join our private Slack group.


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Get behind the scenes:

Read/thoughts and perspectives @ Medium

Listen to our podcast: __. 

See the original experiment: ___. 


Some cool things our community is working on:

The time poverty project

Education for changemakers

Another work thing here.

or, Some big questions we're asking:

-what is education for changemakers

-the role of change in effective change - how do we make research more important/prominent, how do we do it more effectively, how do we create open sharing spaces for research, etc.

Things guiding our work/ things we're passionate about:

-Human-centered design

-Systems thinking

-New styles of organizations [ a collective]

-New forms of education for changemakers

-Circular economy stuff